December 30, 2006

Number Two, So We Try Harder

It's awful sweet of Curbed LA to list Atwater Village among their year-end up-and-coming neighborhoods. But have they visited lately? Atwater Village pretty much up and came. The award:

Most Up and Coming Hipster Hood - WINNER: Long Beach. Another tough choice. There were only a couple of hoods/communities in the running for this category. Atwater Village and San Pedro being the other two. But we would actually leave LA city limits and go to Long Beach.

Commenters, though, kept it on the eastern tip. They added Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, Montecito Heights, Garvanza, Glassell Park and Cypress Park as the next hipster hoods. "Basically any immediate area around I-5 or immediately east of it."

One problem, at least for hipsters who want to move that way: These neighborhoods are not included in Rentslicer's markets. Since Rentslicer aggregates Craigslist rental listings, these hoods are likely excluded because they have little presence on Craigslist.

What, no Internet on the east side? Or just nothing in English?

1 comment:

sherru said...

LONG BEACH? Terrible.

Oh man, I live in a-soon-to-be-hipster neighborhood, Glassel Park! Too bad the vatos down the street causing trouble this morning don't know it. (Ghetto bird has been flying around my house for the last 30 minutes.)