September 14, 2006

I-2 Or Not I-2, That Is the Question

To recap two previous posts: Is the Glendale Freeway a federal interstate highway (I-2) or a California state route (SR-2)?

I-2, says the city of Los Angeles via email yesterday from Council President Garcetti's office: "It is also the jurisdiction of Caltrans, so any questions you have about the 2 can be directed to them."

SR-2, says the state of California via Caltrans public affairs: "Yes, the 2 is SR-2. If possible, can you please email us a picture and the location of the sign that says I-2."

Photo: above. Location: Riverside Drive near Atwater Village, southbound just before the Glendale Freeway ramp. (That's +34 6' 15.35" -118 15' 10.68" for the hard-core.) Caltrans, coming your way.

It all begs more questions: Who put up that sign? And when? Aren't federal interstate designations tied to highway guidelines? And highway funds? If so, what happened with the funds? Were they ever issued?

And how long till this sign comes tumbling down? Drive by while you can.

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