May 2, 2006

'Calm Self-Evacuation'

More on the haz-mat incident Friday in this sliver of No-Man's Land between Atwater Village and Glendale. From Los Angeles Fire Department:
Six companies of Los Angeles firefighters arrived quickly at industrial firm Huntsman Advanced Materials [5121 San Fernando Rd.] to a calm self-evacuation of personnel after a trio of 55-gallon drums in a covered exterior breezeway between buildings suddenly discharged their lids, producing voluminous acrid vapors without fire.

LAFD Haz-Mat experts utilized thermal imaging cameras to determine that portions of the drums exceeded 200 degrees Fahrenheit and had become increasingly unstable while producing sizable and intermittent vapor clouds.

There were no civilian or firefighter injuries ... and a precautionary evacuation of a commercial area to the east in the City of Glendale was handled entirely by Glendale authorities.

[Image from Windows Live Local Beta]

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