May 15, 2006

Eat Local

One Angeleno is attempting to eat locally - fruit, veggies, eggs, dairy and wine originating within 100 miles of LA. Here's how our Atwater Village Farmer's Market (Sundays 10:00am-2:00pm) hooks her up with deliciousness:
The best discovery so far, though, has been Cardone’s Mozzarella. Richard Cardone makes fresh ricotta, mozzarella and boccocini right here in my neighborhood and sells it at both the Silver Lake and Atwater Village Farmers' markets every weekend. It’s fabulous stuff, especially the ricotta. In fact, we like it so much it found its way into many a dish this past week - sprinkled on our ratattoulle, mixed in our potato-asparagus hash, and stuffed inside our mint and pea ravioli. The boccocini, on the other hand, don’t mix with anything other than a plate of olive oil, salt and pepper and then head into our mouths.


Erin S. said...

Thanks for the link--I live adjacent to AV (Los Feliz) and I really enjoy your blog! The cheese really is great, and of course, it's not the only good thing the Atwater Farmer's market has to offer...

Anonymous said...

I have eaten that cheese and yes, it is damn good and affordable too, none of those yuppie fancy cheese prices! I wish they'd grow out the AV farmer's market a little more. It's a little small.