May 23, 2006

Atwater Chatter

In and around the Village today:
  • Never mind that Atwater Village is north of downtown. Downtown LA's not exactly in the middle, is it. Must be why this map puts AV firmly on the east side
  • Call it a grande office-ccino: Slaving away in Starbucks from Atwater Village to Canoga Park
  • Free cortadito at Porto's Bakery in Glendale (winner, best Cuban bakery/deli) when you show a copy of Tu Ciudad's best of Latino LA issue - a magazine already published in the national language
  • Number of Chris Gore's Top 10 LA movie landmarks that are actually in LA: 10
  • Does anyone know what they were shooting in Atwater Village on Sunday afternoon?
  • Does anyone know who they were shooting in Atwater Village on Sunday night?


Prehensile Thumb said...

number of times gore says restaurants are located on los feliz when in reality they are located on franklin: 1

blogger said...

Hmm, does Chris Gore have no one to do his fact-checking? Dangerous that he hosts a QUIZ SHOW on IFC, dontcha think? -AVN