May 24, 2006

Meaningless LA Award

My first nominee for most-photographed spot in Atwater Village is ... Bigfoot Lodge. Flickr sets:

Where I come from, a log-cabin structure signals a ghost town, a mountain spa or a neo-Luddite suburban retreat. In Los Angeles, it's a theme bar.

[Image from stutefish.]


Joyce in Atwater said...

Big Foot's previous incarnation was as a gay bar named, "Mr. Mike's." Mr. Mike's attracted an older, mostly male crowd, although it was friendly to women. They had both a piano bar AND a pool table. We really miss that place.

Prehensile Thumb said...

i feel like the bigfoot is all interior design and no fun.

blogger said...

Yeah, feng shui's off or something. Last time the bartender was friendly enough, but no one ever wants to sit near that giant Sasquach National Forest sign with the garish spotlight. It's so badly aligned it blinds anyone in the booth below. -AVN