May 7, 2006

Putting the E in Atwater Village

Thanks for indulging me these discoveries of Atwater Village's music and movie ties. It's exciting to be in a neighborhood that spawns such creativity without making itself a spectacle.

Here's a slice of indie rock history with Mark Everett, better known as Eels frontman "E." He must've moved to LA when, 1989? Was this also when he became a friend and neighbor of Elliot Smith? From the official biography:

At the age of 24, feeling stifled by the lack of inspiration and creative community in his Virginia neighborhood, E packed up everything he owned into a car and drove 3,000 miles across the country to Los Angeles, where he knew not one person.

He eventually moved into a tiny apartment above a garage in Atwater Village, on the East side of Los Angeles, and resumed his antisocial routine of waking up, writing and recording 4 track cassettes, going to one of many shitty jobs that he hated, coming home, writing and recording more, and going to sleep.

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