May 27, 2006

My First LA Pizza

Some places are known for their pizza. New York's thin crust. Chicago's deep dish. California's ... um ... pizza kitchen.

Last night Mrs. Newbie and I hankered for "dinner in the round" and I tackled the Internets to find out what non-newbies think is LA's best pizza.

Of course the lists were pepperoni'd with addresses in Santa Monica and Venice and West Hollywood - too far for starving (and self-respecting) eastsiders like us.

But two eastside joints kept popping up: Masa of Echo Park and Casa Bianca Pizza Pie in Eagle Rock. A mental coin-flip took us to Masa, 1800 W. Sunset, about four miles from Atwater Village.

(Those among you who believe tropical fruit may not peacefully co-exist with other pizza ingredients should read no further.)

When we found out Masa's signature deep-dish pie takes - for all the right reasons - an hour to cook, we went with the thin-crust prosciutto, jalapeno and pineapple.

Pizza: good. Service: better than good. Location: easy enough.

Will we go back? Probably. But life is too short - and this city too big - to visit the same restaurant twice in a row. Next, likely, is Casa Bianca. Or someplace else. The search continues...


LA City Nerd said...

Palermo in Los Feliz on Vermont has the best pizzarosa. They're close enough to Atwater to be considered, well, close. (closed Tuesdays)

Also, when adventuring out of your area, try Zpizza on Larchmont, San Pedro, or in Porter Ranch (I didn't mention the West Hollywood locations because it's not in the City!)

Also awesome pizza is Dominico's in Pasadena on Washington (their artichoke & tomato is great!).

And finally, when they open at their new location, you have to try Barone's in Valley Glen.

blogger said...

Yum. Vermont's close enough for me! (Vermont is becoming my own private LA east-west dividing line.) -AVN

badMike said...

Good pizza, but on the fancy/expensive side is Louise's. Actually, it's not good, it's great and it's my favorite in L.A.

The closest to you Newbie is on the always ridiculously busy Los Feliz Blvd. at Hillhurst. And if you can make it there at lunch on a weekday, they have a great lunch special with a massive slice and a salad for not too much.

I also second Z Pizza on Larchmont. I went there for the first time over the weekend. It's really fantastic.

Another good one is Albano's Brooklyn Pizzeria on Melrose west of La Brea.

blogger said...

Favorite in LA? Say no more, Louise's gets on the list.

But I don't know about ZPizza. Right before I moved out of Colorado, ZPizza opened there. For me it's the moral equivalent of eating at Chipotle. Even if it's good.

citizenrobot said...

You better get your butt to Casa Bianca. You see that line of people waiting outside? There's a reason. (Also because they don't take reservations!) Bring a big bottle of zin and chow down.

I'm not a huge fan of Palermo's even though they have great old skool Italian ambience.

kmurphy said...

i'm shocked no one has mentioned Hard Times Pizza or Nicky D's -- both closer to Atwater than any of the others mentioned.

Hard Times is in the little strip near TJ's at the corner of Hyperion and Griffith Park Blvd. Excellent slices NYC style. The delivery can be slow but well worth it. Their eggplant (thin horizontal slices, breaded and fried) are to die for. i recommend eggplant, garlic, tomato, basil. The pepperoni is pleasantly greasy. And the garden salad is jammed with all sorts of fresh veggies as well as peperoncini and marinated mushrooms.

Nicky D's is on Rowena between where Rowena joins Glendale blvd and Hyperion -- easy to miss in a houselike building somewhat diagonal from Silverlake Yoga and near (same side of street -- a bit further east) Flor Morena fine foods. Really nice flavored sauce, very friendly service, excellent toppings. no slices, just whole pies. Thinish - similar to hard times but entirely different flavor.

you must try these. Better than all the others mentioned except possibly Casa Bianca (and I haven't tried Masa yet).

welcome Newbie, AV rocks.

blogger said...

Thanks kmurphy! I'm adding those nice-and-closeby pizza joints to the list. I may have to quit my job so I have time to eat everywhere.