May 8, 2006

The Last of the $8 Movie Tickets

We Atwater Villagers are lucky. Our nearest movie theater also happens to be one of the best deals in town for first-run film.

Where other cinemas charge $11.00 and up, the renovated Vista at 4473 Sunset Blvd. manages to keep evening admission to a mere $8.00.

I guess the mysterious investors behind the non-chain Vista have solved what perplexes many old-time theater owners across the country. How do you compete against stadium-style mega-plexes with an 80-year-old one-screen cinema? How about turning it into a neighborhood destination by:

  • Upgrading projection & sound
  • Keeping prices low
  • Removing every other row of seats for lots of leg room
  • Showing films from Scientologists
My first time at the Vista I saw "Thank You For Smoking" (starring Kate Holmes). Then I waited four weeks while "Smoking" was held over. Last night I returned for "Mission Impossible III" (starring Kate Holmes' babydaddy). Next week the Vista opens "Poseidon" (Scientology connection as yet unknown).

More about the Vista in photos, an article, more photos and this Cinema Treasures profile. But good luck finding an official site.


badMike said...

The Vista is probably my favorite movie theater in the universe. You can briefly see an older, rundown version of it (just from the outside) in the old Kevin Bacon movie The Big Picture.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Best movie theatre evar! Everyone is always up in my face with their $14 Arclight ticket stubs and I sneer at them while I explain I'd rather sit in an old picture palace with so much leg room that the whispering idiot couple behind you doesn't bother you one bit. Well, they are still idiots.

I saw Kong there and it was a great crowd and a perfect venue for it.

FYI, I usually make the trek up the 2 to the 134 and see movies at the Miller Alley Laemlle's or the Laemlle's next to the Vromans. Killer art house movies with usually respectful audiences.

she who hates talkers in movie theatres

trey said...

Arclight is the theater with serious Scientology infiltration. Think about it - Vista isn't a big enough moneymaking opportunity for them. Arclight, on the other hand... not only are many of the employees Scientologists, but there are frequent "group movie events" filled with scientologists paying $15 to watch the latest movie they've been told to see.