May 6, 2006


Anyone know where to find this "dilapidated," "drab," "skeezy" spot? It's the "creative command post" for Will.I.Am Adams from the Black Eyed Peas. So sayeth the Washington Post:
"The dilapidated brown building sits on a grungy corner in Los Feliz [Ahem, Atwater Village], wedged between the Los Angeles River and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks, a few car lengths east of the interstate.

"It's a drab, two-story stucco structure that looks as though its tenants ought to include a bail bondsman, a disbarred attorney and a private investigator.

"Apparently, the building's exterior is skeezy and unremarkable by design, so as to avoid advertising the building's As-Seen-on-MTV occupants.

"Think Ciara would be coming to this grungy corner near I-5? No. Way."
All this from a Washington Post reporter named "J. Freedom du Lac," who apparently doesn't get out much back east. Unless Washington DC has been suddenly purged of all skeez.


Prehensile Thumb said...

there are plenty of places like that in AV, especially close to the 5.

now i'm annoyed that fergie is in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

corner of glenfeliz and glendale, next to the currently being redone market.

studiocitynerd said...

anon's got it.

Here's an aerial view.