May 13, 2006

This Looks Like Something

After a random Saturday afternoon's drive around Palos Verdes Peninsula, Mrs. Newbie exclaimed, "This looks like something." We veered into the parking lot and discovered she was right. It was something. But on Wikipedia it wasn't. So I added this to the page for San Pedro:

One of the more "raucous" places in all Los Angeles - especially on Saturday afternoons - is San Pedro Fishmarkets (Berth 78, 1190 Nagoya Way, San Pedro). The mashup of sit-down restaurants, pick-and-cook seafood counters and outdoor cerveza-garden harbor-side picnic-table dining offers poplular "fajitas" trays ($15-40) piled inches high with spicy shell-on shrimp, peppers, chiles, onions, and garlic bread.

Like Grand Central Market in downtown LA, it's a real find for a Newbie like me, and one of those attractions I rarely hear white Angelenos (and their media outlets) mention.

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Anonymous said...

If you don't mind me...I've had that shrimp on a tray experience twice at the San Pedro pier - the last time I DEFINITELY felt ill afterward. I'd like to think on a normal basis I could eat a ton of shrimp but I'd be careful. I think what I was eating *was not* de-veined.