May 30, 2006

Inappropriate Celebrity Fawning

Names like Britney, Jennifer and Angelina indicate a pinnacle of celebrity sightings. Their names move magazines.

In my humble circle, there's another name sure to elicit glee and envy for anyone who spots her out and about.


That's right, Lorelai's daughter. Known in real life as Alexis Bledel, from our #2 TiVo season pass. (Behind "24.") Known by my guy friends as Becky from "Sin City."

After moving to LA less than three months ago, this sighting came suddenly. It was unannounced by fervor from passersby, in one of those Hollywood-adjacent places where everyone plays it cool: they want you to suspect they might be famous, but they don't want you to think you are. No one approaches. No one wants to be A Fan. (Or they're just being respectful.)

I was hunting cream cheese Monday evening at Trader Joe's on Hyperion Ave. Of the three TJ's near Atwater Village, it's our least favorite, but it's on the way back from the beach, so what can you do.

Standing in a cashier line, unlike some celebrities who are exempt from paying retail, there was Ms. Bledel, freckles and all. She wore a cute young man all over her cute purple sundress, with flip-flops. (Sorry, I don't watch enough WB to ID the cute young man.) Might've been beach day for them, too.

Drew Carey, now Alexis Bledel. We're done. Now we can move back.

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Nicholle McClelland-Beteille said...

You would think that Rory aka Becky could afford Gelson's across the street. Maybe she needs a new agent.

Maybe after Gelson's she can move up to Bristol Farms.