May 3, 2006

Behind the Numbers

Apparently 97.75% of voters at Star 98.7FM want to hear the return of Jamie, Jack & Stench. (When, after Jamie's maternity stunt leave?)

LAist suspects ballot stuffing. I suspect only 2.25% have actually listened to Jamie, Jack & Stench.

I had to listen to Jamie White go on - and on and on and on - when she was in Denver. Back then it was Jamie, Frosty & Frank. (Yes, that's F&F of LA's Frosty, Heidi & Frank show - poor Frank, always holding up the rear - now on 97.1 FREE FM, slogan: "Free! And worth every penny!")

Then off went Frosty & Frank, but somehow Jamie remained, this time with Danny Bonaduce in a show broadcast to Denver and LA. Jamie pretended hard to make the show generic enough that no one would think it was all about LA. (As if Denverites wouldn't know what a freeway was.)

And now it looks like 97.75% of voters (or at least radio station staffers immune to loggorhea and en route to carpal tunnel syndrome) want to continue to cram Jamie White into my ears.

Is it any wonder that 100% of my music time is split between KCRW and an iPod?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm with you, buddy. It's either (mostly depressing) NPR, 88.1 or good old iPod. You can't even listen to the oldies station in the morning without hearing bad morning blither blather.