May 23, 2006

'Lost' Near Atwater Village

Funny, I didn't notice any polar bears on San Fernando Road this weekend.

Solar Studios, just over the tracks from Atwater Village, hosted the second annual Destination LA fundraiser May 20.

The event was part of a weekend geek-fest for fans of ABC's "Lost." An auction benefited the Children's Defense Fund, a favorite charity of show creator JJ Abrams. In the past the auction boasted TV Guide covers vandalized with Sharpie hearts, though this year's Drive Shaft faux tour poster must've been a big hit.

Also at this year's party, "Lost" executive producer Bryan Burk (photo from an expansive DLA2 gallery; note Oceanic Airlines logo on laminant) auctioned a charitable non-committal comment about tomorrow's season finale to SciFi Wire:

"The entire episode has a lot more going on than the season finale of last year, so I believe that, while you're going to be getting a lot more answers to a lot of questions, you're also going to have a lot more to discuss over the summer."

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