September 12, 2006

Everyone Is Talking About Canele

What was for 17 years the Italian neighborhood sit-down Osteria Nonni is set to open Friday as the Italian neighborhood sit-down Canele, 3219 Glendale Blvd. in Atwater Village. So sayeth - with apologies to Franklin Avenue - the blog-LA-sphere:


JAL said...

What a joke, I was so excited to eat at this new restrauant and I am so sad they do not have it together.
-no bread
-tiny portions
-unprofessional staff
-poor menu selection

after sending back our meal, no one was concerned, no one came over to ask why?

I will be very surprised if this place stays open. They tried, but not together enough for our dining excursions.

blogger said...

They say you should never try a restaurant its first 30 days. Or is it 90 days? (Not sure how they stay open if everyone avoids them for three months.) We had a similar unfortunate experience when Asia Los Feliz first opened. Hard to convince us to go back. - AVN

dickie innis said...

I think they were under a bit of pressure to reopen quickly. LA County requires recertification for any restaurant closed longer than 30 days, which turns into a very long and expensive process.

I've been in twice, with the same waiter (who was hired from the old restaurant when it closed): he was great, and so were my meals. The first time I was there, I saw Bubbles from The Wire. On my second visit, I saw Nancy Silverton there, so that's a good sign it's going to be around for a while (the last time I kept running into her at a restaurant, it was the Hungry Cat in Hollywood, and they're doing great business).

Maybe you should try again?