August 2, 2006

Osteria Nonni for Sale

You'd think those employees were bears at Yellowstone. From LoopNet:

Osteria Nonni - 3219 Glendale Blvd. (Atwater Village) - Building Size: 2,100 SF - Year Built: 1930 - Fantastic opportunity and great upside, to open for lunch. Another little neighborhood Italian Rated A restaurant. Restaurant includes all inventory & equiptments. Sale includes beer and license. Large storage area. Operating hours are from 5:00 to 10PM Mon to Sun. Selling- Owner retires after 17 years of operation. Please do not disturb employees. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT TALK TO THE EMPLOYEES.

UPDATE: Shes-crafty says this isn't quite right: O.N. is already set to be Canele (click for too-cute picture of ownership change).


Miles said...

I believe it's already been sold and a new name has been announced. It's on the Public Notice card in the window. I went in last week and they told me (contrary to when I first saw the notice) that they'd be open until at least October...but who knows.

blogger said...

Oh no! You talked to the EMPLOYEES? The real estate listing strictly forbids such activity. - AVN

Miles said...

twice, even! and both times with differing results! i think i'm getting the runaround. Actually, I walked by and it's going to be called "Canene" allegedly.

ArielleMermaid said...

I live in Atwater, and it has been sold. It's a place that sells mediterranean food. I miss Osteria Nonni!!!!!