September 20, 2006

Home Plus Is Us (And One Fewer of Us)

I snapped this hazy cell-phone photo Saturday night. It's a billboard for Home Plus - Utah's Favorite Family Superstore - along San Fernando Rd. in neighboring Glassell Park.

It took me a minute to realize what it was. My first thought, "Why would a Utah store advertise in northeast Los Angeles?" was U-turned by, "Oh! That's brilliant!" when I realized Home Plus is from HBO's polygamy drama, Big Love.

The billboard's Home Plus Is Us slogan is embellished (by the fictional store owner's three wives?) with three hand-sprayed +us tags. Get it?

Citizenrobot caught the board another time, after the first us had been whited out. Glassell Park gangstas? Or HBO? For those of us who follow Big Love, does this mean one of the wives will be whited out on the next season?

(Note the irony of Home Plus billboard on a road already under attack for having too many Home Depots.)

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sherru said...

I seriously haven't been this excited to drive down San Fernando Road since they started building the giant park (that still isn't finished).