September 13, 2006

Atwater Village Takes the LEED

The green construction standards known as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) don't require community input. But Los Angeles City College, developing its northeast campus at the old Van de Kamp Bakery at San Fernando Rd. and Fletcher Dr., got it anyway. From LA Weekly:

The neighborhood groups around the LACCD''s Northeast Satellite Campus Atwater Village location "have been active participants in the project." The college system is the first to build sustainability into its policy in response to community input. "It was the community that told us, 'We need someone who's going to be a champion and support this stuff.' Now we see it as a way to give another kind of education." The buildings will boast high-efficiency lighting, recycled-content carpets, and air-conditioning units that shut off when the windows open.

[Top image from LACC; bottom is Windows Live Local bird's eye view.]


sherru said...

I can't wait for the school to open and bring some life to that little area. We need more than a McDonald's and a El Pollo Loco, consarnit.

Jim said...

Van de Kamp's was great, especially when the windmill worked. Hughes Market, now Shim's, was awesome. They moved down San Fernando, then it was a Ralph's, then vacant, now Super Kind, which is pretty neat.

That area has seen some revival, but yes, it had much more character and this, I'm sure, will bring more.