September 12, 2006

LA River Graffiti, For Now, R.I.P.

Not once but twice in the last month have Atwater Village's spray-can scars been repaired along the Los Angeles River. From AV's Neighborhood Watch newsletter, Sept. 3:

We have encountered red tape and bureaucratic hurdles along the way, but just last week, the entire stretch of the LA River that traverses through AtwaterVillage was painted over. Walls, walkways and embankments were painted. It was a glorious sight to see!

But good things neither last forever nor do they live on their own. There are those that just had to get their spray cans out again. [Photo above: week-old tags on storm drain caps north of Hyperion Bridge.]

Volunteers acted quickly, again, Sept. 9. Even the Sunnynook footbridge got an overdue makeover. The LA River has never looked so beige.

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