September 6, 2006

AVNC Lo Necesita a Usted!!

As follow-up to my August 19 post, Democracy Delayed, here's a call for every red-blooded American in Atwater Village:

Ocupe una posicion vacante en la Mesa Directiva del AVNC

Inscribase! Ayudenos! Involucrese!!

Las siguientes posiciones estan disponibles:
  • Representante de los Residentes de Atwater Central (1)
  • Representante de los negociantes (1)
  • Representantes de Organismos comunitarios o no-lucrativos (2)
  • Representante de Parques y Recreacion (1)
La fecha limite para submitir su candidatura es el jueves 14 de septiembre.

(Sorry, Blogger f'ed up the Spanish accents and I had to replace them with non-accented letters.) Application instructions - and English-language version - at


Miles said...

Atwater Newbie, are you running?

Si, se puede.

blogger said...

Am I running for elected office of any kind? No! Or as they say in Spanish... No! - AVN

Miles said...

Por que no? You're a great voice of the community.

Truth is, if they would ever consider moving avnc meetings to later in the evening and/or weekends, I'm guessing that more people who worked would be interested in running. As it is now, it's nearly impossible for the majority of our community members to make it to a 6:30pm weekday meeting.