September 1, 2006

'Pinoy Real' is Not Some Trendy Red Wine

Speaking of gentrification, I noticed this recent addition to Atwater Village's Wikipedia page:

As middle-class Armenian and Filipino immigrants surged into the area, the Los Angeles Police Department managed to crack down on gang activity [including] The Rascals gang and Pinoy Real gang.

Despite LAPD crack-down, Pinoy Real (PR) lives on, with its own sloppy Wikipedia page:

Atwater (LA side) PR has a long history of continued rivalry between Hispanic gangs ToonerVille Rifa (TVR) and Temple St (TST) along with other Filipino gangs. Thee Rascals Gang (TRS) and PR kept mutual respect and shared the same Atwater village torritory. PR and TRS has fought side by side to keep rivals out of Atwater.

It's good to see people out tagging Web pages - instead of storefronts - with gang territory info. And with clues on how to spot gang members:

PR members are known to sport Pittsburgh Pirates apparel.

Oh, but there I go, proving right those smart, ambitious kids over at 50mm Los Angeles who post about "Ratwater" being full of, you know, "sniches."

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