September 30, 2006

LA to Denver: Better Luck Next Time

When I lived in Denver, this was the Messiah project. The Denver Art Museum expansion was going to save the city. It had celebrity architect Daniel Libeskind, $100 million and unabashed community support. That'll show them bicoastal art snobs!

With grand opening set for Oct. 7, the folks back in Denver are still just as impressed. But a bicoastal art snob newspaper reporter from Los Angeles? Not so much.

Rocky Mountain NewsLos Angeles Times
A work of art, for art's sakeTilted funhouse isn't so fun inside
"A brilliant container for art and a stunning work itself""The least congenial galleries for art that I've seen in 20 years"
"Galleries ... seem to cradle each work while providing room to breathe""Rooms end in narrow wedges of claustrophobic space"
"The atrium staircase ... is an unforgettably powerful, yet peaceful, space, with the contrast of dark gray granite pavers set against stark white wall""A jagged stair ... merges the traditional grand staircase in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art with the icy Fortress of Solitude in 'Superman'"
"Big step toward a new regional design maturity""The 'wow!' factor morphs into the 'huh?' factor"
"An outstanding achievement""An architectural gamble"

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