September 1, 2006

Twenty-Minute Fire, Half-Hour Commute

On a good day my commute home, Los Feliz to Atwater Village, takes five minutes. But tonight Los Feliz Blvd. shut down in honor of the brave LAFD firefighters who, within 20 minutes, would rescue a burning 13-story building full of old people. I detoured south to get home across the Hyperion Bridge, but was delayed (again) by someone stalled in Silver Lake. I know, I shouldn't complain. It took a high-rise blaze and some blinking hazards to lengthen my drive to anywhere near that of the average LA commuter: 28.4 minutes. A blessing in disguise. Happy Labor Day. Now go check on Grandma.

  • Apartment fire at Los Feliz and Hillhurst [Metroblogging LA]
  • Fire Erupts in Los Feliz Highrise Condominium [LAFD Blog]
  • Los Feliz Apartment Fire Out Within 20 Minutes (w/ video) [CBS2]
  • Los Feliz Fire [Flickr]
UPDATE from LAFD: Sadly, one pet dog perished in the flames.

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