May 2, 2007

You Say Crayfish, I Say Slimy River Alien

AN INTREPID VIDEOGRAPHER captures Los Angeles River wildlife at its slimiest. Narration by Sabrina Drill, video by Arthur magazine's Jay Babcock, "south of the Crying Girl, north of the submerged Darth Vader head," Atwater Village, April 28, 2007.


Matt said...

those are amazing pieces of art. silly question. how do you go about getting down to the los angeles river? is there a public entrance?

AVN said...

Atwater Village has at least two great LA River entrances. One at Los Feliz Blvd., next to the golf course and cafe. The other at the Sunnynook pedestrian bridge, up the hill from the corner of Sunnynook Dr. and Legion Ln.

I may have to whip up a post about this!

Miles said...

You can also enter off Fletcher.