May 27, 2007

Heroin for Toddlers

GOOD NEWS IN TIME for Memorial Day Weekend. The city's Griffith Park Recovery blog announces that Shane's Inspiration, a.k.a heroin for toddlers, has re-opened after surviving the recent park fire. This weekend, parents, load 'em up on BBQ and get them to LA's greatest playground. Open in Griffith Park as of May 25, 2007:
  • Autry Museum
  • Bette Davis Picnic Area
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Boy’s Camp (scheduled events only)
  • Crystal Springs Picnic area (scheduled events only)
  • Ferndell south of Red Oak Dr.
  • Ferraro Field
  • Girl's Camp (scheduled events only)
  • Greek Theater (Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights)
  • Griffith Observatory (by shuttle only)
  • Harding Golf Course
  • LA River Bike Path
  • LA Zoo
  • LASUD Magnet School
  • Live Steamers
  • Live Steamers Picnic Area
  • Los Feliz Golf Course
  • Merry Go Round
  • Mineral Wells Picnic Area
  • Park Center Picnic Area
  • Pony Rides
  • Pote Field (scheduled events only)
  • Pump Seven Picnic Areas
  • Ranger Station
  • Riverside Recreation Center
  • Roosevelt Golf Course
  • Shane's Inspiration
  • Sunset Stables (access to Mt. Hollywood Drive only)
  • Trails Cafe
  • Train Rides
  • Travel Town
  • Upper Ferndell Area/Section 9
  • Wilson Golf Course


Amie said...

I know that as I write this I risk being publicly stoned to death for being 30 something and childless(I swear I like kids though) but what is Shane's Inspiration? I have heard other friends talk about this reopening and feel even more childless than ever.

AVN said...

Have no fear, for this Newbie is 30 something and childless too. But should you ever find yourself responsible for entertaining any pre-Kingergartener you should know about Shane's Inspiration, nine all-accessible playgrounds in parks all around LA. Our godson heartily recommends the re-opened location in Griffith Park: