May 31, 2007

Glendale Wants to Handle Our Hardware

ACCORDING TO A RUMOR at Curbed LA, Lowe's is considering a new location nearby: "I called Glendale Planning... They were happy to report that Lowe's would be building a store at the old Levitz site."

The old Levitz site is at 5375 San Fernando Road West. The important word here is "West." This isn't regular San Fernando Road. It's a frontage road on the west side of the tracks. It's 90039, entirely within Los Angeles city limits, part of Atwater Village.

So back off, Glendale Planning. It's not our fault your Home Depot might be closing.

(Although I can already hear the next NIMBY rallying cry: "Four Lowe's Home Improvement Centers Between Northridge and Pico Rivera Are Too Many!")

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