May 10, 2007

A 50-Year-Old Game of Guess Where LA

LONG BEFORE THIS WHOLE Internet thing took off, and way before people guessed the locations of mysterious photos posted to Flickr pools, the Los Angeles Times printed "Know Your City." Here's the photo and clue from April 6, 1956:
KNOW YOUR CITY, NO. 140 - "These things keep getting easier and easier. Surely you recognize this scene. It isn't a Answer, even if it does have the same name. See? Even if it is easy, we keep giving it away. What is it? See Page 28, Part ll."
And if you don't happen to have Page 28 of the 50-year-old paper around, see the answer below in the comments section.
Photo copyright Regents of the University of California, UCLA Library. Licensed under Creative Commons. Tip from David Markland at Metroblogging LA.


AVN said...

From the LA Times, April 6, 1956: "ANSWER: It's the Hyperion Ave. Bridge that swoops down over Riverside Drive and the section of it shown in the photo is near its eastern end where it intersects with Glendale Blvd. out in the Atwater district. Sewer? Well, we have a Hyperion sewer, don't' we? Admittedly pretty far-fetched, but then..."

Miles said...

Fantastic new site header, newbie!

Gary said...

Great picture!! I always wondered what the area around the Hyperion Bridge looked like before the 5 freeway was built. The picture would make a great poster.

AVN said...

Thanks Miles! Thanks Gary! Wish I could take credit for the photo at the top of the page, but if I were around in 1927 to shoot it, you'd be calling me Atwater Village Oldbie.