May 31, 2007

Calling All Videographers to Glassell Park!

EVEN IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, some neighborhoods could use a little more sunshine. Watch this six-minute video to find out how the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council tried to keep a May 15 meeting in the dark - possibly in violation of state law.

Scariest quote, both grammatically and in high-falutin' un-American guilty-till-proven-innocent style, from GPNC Chair "Bradley" at the 5:00 mark: "My concern is that if you really had a concern with regard to legalities, as a respect, you would just cut it off automatically until you find out for sure what you can or can't do. But you haven't even done it. You have just continued to tape."

As will everyone else, sir, June 5, 7:00pm, and June 19, 7:00pm, at the Glassell Park Community Center, 3750 Verdugo Road.
P.S. – Perhaps a camera or two at our own Atwater Village Neighborhood Council meetings might prevent the next Atwatergate election scandal.


dgarzila said...

I will be there with a camera

howard said...

I live in Glassell Park and this video was the first thing that got me interested in turning out for a meeting. Did you notice the pink box of donuts in the back? Just think -- donuts AND drama.

Ken Camp said...

The same thing happened to me on June 2, 2006 at a meeting of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council. Board President Brian Heckmann illegally ordered me to stop videotaping because a stakeholder complained. I wish I had not stopped videotaping because just moments later the same stakeholder and one of her cronies began screaming at and abusing the minutes taker. This must have been Heckmann's way of preventing documentation of this odious, obnoxious event. -- Ken Camp, Los Angeles