May 8, 2007

Atwater Village Chokes In It

6:38pm, originally uploaded by Atwater Village Newbie.

FOR MORE COMPREHENSIVE UPDATES and analysis on this tragic Griffith Park fire visit the LA Times breaking news blog. Also:
  • My Photo Timeline of Griffith Park Fire [Flickr] - As seen from Sunnynook footbridge, Los Angeles River trail and Baum Bicycle Bridge over Los Feliz Blvd.
  • Fire Brings Us Closer Together [LAist] - "It was an interesting night in Los Angeles. A community generally lost to each other in the confines of Bluetooth headsets and commuter traffic united in a somewhat macabre spectacle: watching Griffith Park burn." [LAist]
  • LA City Council President Eric Garcetti [CD13] - "Griffith Park is not lost, of course, but it is damaged. We'll rebuild it, where we can, and it will grow back lush and green. It's the single largest urban park in the country; few other parks compare to it in its size and wildness."
  • Four Hour Time Lapse Video [via Curbed LA] - Smoke from the Griffith Park fire.
  • Griffith Park Fire Update [LAFD] - From the detailed Los Angeles Fire Department blog

1 comment:

Sherrie said...

Great shots man.

We could see the fire so clearly from Glassell Park, especially when they managed to control it somewhat and get the fire into a big wobbly line. I kept thinking about how the very last time I was hiking up there where it has really burned, I was miserable and hot and bored and wanted to go sit indoors and now I feel bad for my attitude that day.