May 5, 2007

Call Me an 80s Child

CALL ME, MORE ACCURATELY, an 80s teen. And a bona fide Crowded House fan. This is a deeply talented Kiwi pop band I thought I'd never see again. A band that called it quits more than a decade ago.

Now, 20 years after "Don't Dream It's Over" hit #2 in the US, it's not over. Crowded House quietly re-formed - with Beck's former drummer - for a new album and tour.

The band's first California stop: The Glass House in Pomona. Tickets sold out in 90 minutes. I was too slow.

The band's second California stop: Coachella. Other reunions overshadowed. Bottles flew. I was too old.

Now I patiently wait. Crowded House returns to California, playing two nights in August at the Mountain Winery. Till then, the amateur videos. Enjoy:


Amie said...

I spent a few of my teenage years obsessed with Crowded House (Neil Finn)and am proud to say their music still holds up.

Hilary said...

Wow, thanks for this info! I had no idea they reunited! Now if only Boingo would get together for a show, I'll be totally satisfied.