May 16, 2007

A Cat for People Who Aren't Yet Cat People

WE MET THIS GENTLE GIANT at the Atwater Village Farmers Market. She is Francesca, a "senior" at age 10, up for adoption at a neighborhood no-kill shelter, Casitas Cat Hotel.

Part Maine Coon, she is, as Mrs. Newbie puts it, the cutest cat not currently in our house. And if we weren't already at our max pet per square foot ratio, Francesca would have already sized up the competition.

Maybe someone else will see this and help the old gal.


Sherrie said...

Dude. Check this out.

It's cat people gone totally insane.

Nicholle McClelland-Beteille said...

Francesca is truly an amazing cat. Its my goal to get her adopted to a happy family. She's got the saddest story. She was saved from a person who horded cats. Despite this terrible life she is the sweetest cat and loves to be around people. Please be the lucky one to take her home with you.