May 7, 2007

Sing a Song of Suburbs

SOMETIMES OUR FRIENDS across the tracks in Glendale get a bad rap. And sometimes they (or streets named after them) get mentioned in rap. Or rock. Or R&B. You be the judge:
Beastie Boys - Do It
Glendale Boulevard Boulevard
Glendale Boulevard is where I'm at
It's where I'm at, Where I live
Check it out because my head is like a siv

Beck - Debra
I pick you up late at night after work
I said "lady, step inside my Hyundai"
I'm gonna take you up to Glendale
Gonna take you for a real good meal

Bright Eyes - Cleanse Song
On a detox loft through a Glendale park over sidewalk chalk
Someone wrote in red, "start over"
So I muffled my scream on an Oxnard beach
Full of fever dreams that scare you sober
I found only three solid examples. Surely others have immortalized the suburb that brings us both Porto's Bakery and Brand Bookshop.


Cookie Jill said...

I lived in La Crescenta, just outside of Glendale for several years.

I LOVE the Alex Theatre!

lacityorgcd13 said...

And of course, Beck:
"I'm gonna take you up to Glendale
Gonna take you for a real good meal."

He mentions Zankou Chicken, too!

Great blog--thanks for the fire coverage.

Eric Garcetti

slowgraffiti said...

Are there any blogs similar to yours that cover Glendale?
I just moved to SE G-Dale (after turning down more expensive places in Atwater and Eagle Rock- the downside of rent control). I can't find anything that is both savory and local.