January 9, 2007

Funny Name for a Wine Bar

There's a new and seemingly decisive entry in the wine-bar, not-a-wine-bar debate over 3111 Glendale Blvd. in Atwater Village. Crispy Crust, known for its "really good" pizza by at least one guy I saw today who had ordered from the original store on Vine St., is opening a second location.

We'll see if Crispy Crust can pry Villagers' fingers from around their Giamela's slices - though this isn't exactly the same Goliath-and-David moment that awaits when Starbucks finally opens a block from hood fave Kaldi Coffee.

Wonder which place this commuter from around the corner will choose.


blogger said...

Meanwhile, next door, the H&R Block office has food and drinks and lots of fun planned for its grand opening, January 20 at noon. - AVN

Anonymous said...

They're already open. I swung by a couple weeks ago to ask about the Wine bar, of course. They said it would be owned and run by the owner of the property, but he was on vacation. Then, they tried to do my taxes. Really.

Anyway, I hope it's both pizza and wine. That would be just fine.

blogger said...

Pizza and wine. Great idea. The Crispy Crust menu only mentions drinks in "2 liter" or "can" but that wouldn't necessarily exclude wine, would it? - AVN

Anonymous said...

They'll have me at "box".