January 13, 2007

Newbie Night at El Cid

Key learnings:

1. For a celebration dinner, Flamenco dinner theater does the trick.

2. Friend reaction to Flamenco dinner theater was, "Whoa. That exists?"

3. If something surprises people by its mere existence, I have to do it. Once.

4. Explains why so many people were having birthday parties there last night.

5. The place was built 106 years ago. Might still have same climate controls.

6. Dinner is only $10! Sort of. It's $34.95 for dinner plus show, but $25 for show only.

7. Understand the hand-wringing singer and the googly-eyed guitarist, and understand half of David Lynch's movies.

8. This is not Casa Bonita. Seriously. It's not. Stop it.

[Photo from Planet Dust]


Satisfied '75 said...

we LOVE the flamenco shows at el cid. btw, enjoying your blog. we're in los feliz so it's very neighborly. cheers.

blogger said...

Thanks for the comment! This was our first time at El Cid. A good place to keep in mind for our out-of-town friends. Cheers back at ya. - AVN