January 26, 2007

Missing From Memo About LA Times Web Site

Since the commentless Fishbowl LA was kind enough to publish the scathing internal memo about latimes.com, I, as someone who covers one of those "neighborhood zones" the LA Times likes to tout lately, will be kind enough to list four recommendations missing from the memo:

1. Get rid of registration. Who needs another username and password. Who wants dead links from popular sites like LAist and Curbed LA. Who wouldn't rather get circumvent this arcane process with Google News.

2. Ban ads that hide articles. Stop selling pop-ups, slide-overs and wriggle-arounds. Might as well throw fliers at my face when I'm reading the paper.

3. Umm, Spanish? Or let La Opinion continue to own it.

4. You may already own the answer. Give up on latimes.com. Replace it with the functionality and design of my.latimes.com. (But get rid of the circa 1999 "my" concept. And of course the registration. Etc.) Use it as a base to implement the other recommendations in the memo. See where it goes.


Miles said...

All good ideas. Tim Rutten, of the Times, had a great column on the WSJ new print and online editions and how it can be translated to the Times, and I totally agree with it. Plus, the Times has an amazing stable of writers that sets it apart from the majority of all other dailies and they should spotlight them.

I noted on my little corner of the interwebs earlier this month on how I thought the Times could improve.

Read it here, if you like: http://milesthink.blogspot.com/2007/01/los-angeles-times.html

sherru said...

I HATE the latimes website.

Look how lovely and clean the NYTimes website looks. Kind of reflects their actual publication.

The LATimes website looks like a local podunk two bit back alley Santee Alley kind of deal. Ridiculous to navigate. Ugly as heck!