January 2, 2007

Seeking Verb for 2007

I keep new years' resolutions simple. One word, one verb, carries me through the year. But I am stumped, so far, on what to resolve for 2007, the tenth year of my tradition:

    1998: UPGRADE
    1999: PURGE
    2000: SUBSCRIBE
    2001: WONDER
    2002: QUENCH
    2003: FLIP
    2004: STRAIGHTEN
    2005: ASK
    2006: REBOOT
    2007: ????

The rules are simple. The resolution should be one word. It should be a verb. It should be something I can do a little bit every day. (Or skip a few days here and there.) It can have multiple meanings, but it doesn't need to. It should be something I can look back at the end of 2007 and say, yes, I did that. Like in 2006, when I rebooted my life in California.

Any ideas out there? So far I have BURROW, but not everyone around here (I'm looking at you, Mrs. Newbie) likes that one.


blogger said...

Another idea at lunch today: UNMASK

Anonymous said...

In honor of our misadventure in Iraq, I nominate "pull-out".

Rob said...

I like this idea.

Starting with 2007, I've chosen ACHIEVE.

Thanks, Newbie.

blogger said...

Verbs are fun! Good choice for your inaugural verb, Rob. I saw a street banner on the way home tonight with REDACT on it. Hmm... REDACT... - AVN

crowdercrew said...

To moderate
Or detonate

.... just not concentrate - it's taken.

blogger said...

REHABILITATE is taken too... - AVN

Anonymous said...

STRAPITON...yeah it is 3 words but I didn't leave spaces in between the words...so it's now one word..

blogger said...

Yeah, I'm starting to like REDACT more and more. - AVN