January 14, 2007

Atwater Chatter - Long Weekend Edition

Wherein the Newbie attempts to keep up with various postings by other Internet folks in, around and about Atwater Village.

* Marking second anniversary of Metrolink derailment - with a memorial

* Winners of Atwater holiday decor contest - sans photographs

* I was just kidding about the Artwater moniker - but there it is

* One-man band, Peter and the Wolf, plays all 27 instruments on "first proper album" - in the hood at Moonshine Studios

* Chevy Chase Park gets cameras, new lights, and "bullet-proof light covers" - from Council District 13

* Here in Atwater, for "multi-culti cuties" - a Swirl Syndicate

* Three cats and two dogs in search of good home - from our directors of animal welfare

* And Miles has detailed updates on our many retail developments

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