January 10, 2007

Possible New Names for This Blog

I can't be a newbie forever. In fact, the LA Times says a Los Angeles veteran is anyone here "at least a year." For me, that's less than two months away. So how about:

  • Atwater Villager
  • Atwater Village Idiot
  • It Takes An Atwater Village
  • Three Glasses of Atwater a Day
  • Smoke on the Atwater
  • Where It's Atwater


blogger said...

Me, I'm leaning toward the first one, and letting Adult Video News have its acronym back. - AVN

Rob said...

Atwater Village Voice
Atwater Villain
Atwater Chatter
Atwater Daily
The Red Line

Yeah, I think I like your first one too.

sherru said...

I like SMOKE ON THE ATWATER! Considering the LA River is full of all kinds of interesting things, from random refuse to weird hazy smelly mist. (Kind of smoke.)

I think criteria for being an Angeleno should simply be "Can you handle a celebrity sighting without totally gawking" or "Did you then narc on the celebrity to Defamer.com"? Then yes, you are an Angeleno.

Anonymous said...

You should stay AV Newbie forever. Who wants to ditch THAT kinda name-recognition?

Anonymous said...

The AV Club
Atwater Village People
Atwater Blotter
The Glendale Adjacent

Anonymous said...

Don't lose your identity - everything is new when you look with "new" eyes.

Anonymous said...

I must concur. You are the Newbie. You shall always be the Newbie. Perhaps, not as a citizen, but as a brand. Own it.

blogger said...

Rob - I like Atwater Village Voice! But I wonder if I would feel compelled to make political commentary. (More often.) - AVN

blogger said...

Sherru - Looks like I'm busted as an Angeleno. I don't gawk, but I do have tips@defamer.com always handy. - AVN