January 29, 2007

Google Transit Adds Burbank, OC Before LA

Now you can Google a trip from Alameda to Lankershim on the Burbank Bus system.

And you can find the next departure from Orange to Disneyland on the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA).

But you can't use Google Transit to plan a trip in Los Angeles on the number one public transportation system in America.

That's because Google's first foray into mapping California public transit does not yet include LA's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

Heaven help us all for still being stuck with Metro.net.


jeff said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I'm moving to Southern California in a couple of months, and I've heard things here and there about the Atwater Village area. We still don't know where in L.A./O.C. we want to live just yet (I want L.A., he wants O.C.), so I'll keep reading your entries.

Melanie said...

Ooops! It logged me in as my husband (the one interested in O.C.). Anyways, if you have any advice, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

AVN said...

You have come to the right place.

Mrs. Newbie and I were also of two minds before moving to California. Initially we wanted San Diego County. But we chose LA for access to jobs and everything else a global city offers.

We chose the east side of LA, specifically Atwater Village, for neighborhood feel and easy access to Hollywood, downtown, the Valley and the suburbs. (Sometimes you just gotta go to Pasadena.)

Email us, atwatervillagenewbie [at] gmail, and we'll give you the whole scoop.