January 23, 2007

Maybe Your Rent Isn't a Ripoff After All

Rentometer compares your rent to others nearby. Enter your current rent and address and get one of these fortune cookies:
  • Your unit seems to be a great deal.
  • Your unit seems to be a good deal.
  • Your rent is very close to the average.
  • Your unit should be in better condition.
  • Your unit should be in top condition.
The chart shows a range for Atwater Village in northeast LA, with $2,000 as median for a two-bedroom unit. (No, that's not my rent on the orange needle.)

Thanks to fellow Villager Ben High for the tip. Be Ben's neighbor: $2,500 for a three-bedroom cottage, please. Rentometer says, "Very close to the average."


James said...

Greetings from Eagle Rock. Thanks for the rentometer link. It's great to get some validation that your not getting TOTALLY ripped off in this city.

deryke said...

atwater aint that gr8, but what do i know i live in san peeedro.

flim-flam said...

I"m not sure what your "ben high" link points to, some other dude's livejournal, but the original post was at http://blogging.la/archives/2007/01/renting_in_la_and_more_from_we.phtml.

ben high is not whoever that dude is.

AVN said...

Thanks, flim-flam, the link is fixed.

AVN said...

I must have been high.