January 21, 2007

Make Your Own LA Street Sign

A few things you'll need:

1. A clean photograph of an existing Los Angeles street sign. Helps if the sign is on a flat plane, and doesn't angle toward or away from the camera. Also helps if the sign has one consistent background color, and isn't shadowed, weathered or tagged.

2. An image editor. Smiley Cat reviews 10 online image editors here. You need one to erase the old street name, prepare the background, and insert your new street name.

3. Roadgeek fonts. Mike the Actuary offers a ZIP file with 27 Roadgeek fonts, including Roadgeek 2005 Series C Regular, which seems to be closest to some of the LA street signs around Atwater Village.

4. A Web site upon which to post your clever new LA street sign. Now get to it.


AVN said...

P.S. - A lot of LA street sign omit the dot over the I. And most of them - if not all of them - have no period at the end.

Bert Green said...

The exact font used in the street signs is called Interstate. It's used by most municipalities as well as the federal highway signs.