January 16, 2007

Reduce, Reuse, But Do Not Recycle

We've been throwing all sorts of recyclable things into our big blue bin. Milk cartons, soup boxes, pet food bags, butter wrappers, you name it. Since moving to Los Angeles we revel in the idea that someone comes by every week to do something good, for a change, with our garbage.

Not so fast, newbies, says the City of LA Bureau of Sanitation. "Although many materials are indeed recyclable," the Bureau explains on its Web site, "City recycling centers cannot accept some of these materials because they have no current market value."

Herewith, the items your big blue bin does does not want - including fast-food packages and those squirrel-killing six-pack rings:
  • Contaminated Paper - soiled papers, bags with oils and food waste
  • Broken Glass - window glass, mirror glass, auto glass, light bulbs, fluorescent lights, ceramics
  • Other Plastic - plastic trays from frozen dinners, plastic six-pack rings, plastic hygienic items, plastic hangers, and plastic toys
  • Miscellaneous Materials - coated milk cartons, electrical cords, cloth/fabric, PVC, styrofoam polystyrene, products used for packing or from fast food restaurants, appliances, mini blinds, kitchen utensils, lawn furniture, garden hoses, rubber tires, construction materials, including asphalt or concrete, wood and wood products
  • Hazardous Materials - syringes, all partially filled aerosol cans and containers for cleaning fluids, automotive fluids, batteries, pesticides, oil based paint, garden chemicals, and pool cleaners


LA City Nerd said...

Also, no Household Hazardous Waste in the black or blue bins. This means no light bulbs, batteries, monitors, anything with a "chip" in it, cell phones, etc. You've got to take those to a S.A.F.E. Center.

Miles said...

Where are these S.A.F.E. centers? I have too many old useless computers (than I'd care to think about) that need to be thrown out.

blogger said...

Closest S.A.F.E. Center to Atwater Village seems to be 2649 E. Washington Blvd., though for computers and such it's maximum six items per resident per visit. - AVN

Miles said...

Damn, that might be S.A.F.E. but it ain't convenient. I guess I'll keep the computers and focus on limiting my carbon. Thanks for the info, as always!