January 21, 2007

We Interrupt This Blog for an Important Public Service Announcement

Those Rascals! Larga & Silver Lake
LOS ANGELES - January 21, 2007 - The multi-level youth-oriented outdoor marketing organization The Rascals (TRS) proudly announces the continued annexation of a portion of South Atwater Village, including but not limited to this structure at Larga Avenue and Silver Lake Boulevard and its immediate environs. Territory subject to further dispute by paint can.


Miles said...

There has definitely been another upsurge in graffiti in Atwater and I wonder what our local police are doing about it. Supposedly, you can call the community lead officer or a citywide graffiti hotline and the grafitti will be removed within 24 hours. My experience, though, is that it's always taken longer. The number is (800) 611-CITY.

Miles said...

Sorry, I guess that number's not working. Am sure, though, if you call the Northeast division, they'd be happy to give you the name of the lead officer.