August 31, 2006

The Lamb French Dip Will Change Your Life

Details Magazine digs 15 seconds deep and includes Philippe the Original as the only LA eatery on its list of the 22 best sandwiches in America:

When I was in high school my friends and I practically lived at this venerable downtown cafeteria. But while I love their famous roast-beef French dip, it's not good enough to change your life. Then a friend told me that all these years I've been getting the wrong sandwich. She said it's the lamb French dip - topped with blue cheese - that will change your life. And she was right. 1001 N. Alameda St.; 213-628-3781

Never mind that there might be other LA sandwiches worthy of mention; I think I know where I'm having lunch today. Might have that sub-dollar coffee while I'm at it.


Above the City said...

The lemonade is top shelf too at Phillippe's!

By the way, I think your site was one of the first I read waaaay back, and forgot about it, and remembered again. Now I see that you have grown and changed your look, and now I am readin' again.

Miles said...

And wine is good and very well priced at Phillippe's, as well.

You really can't go wrong...but do make sure you have plenty o' water, especially if you apply the super hot mustard. It's a spicy delight!

sherru said...

I love that mustard more than any other mustard that has passed my palate. I always want to steal a jar. I should really just buy a jar but it's not the same. It's the dinky little pot too, that gives it some charm.

I find the service there to be pretty decent too - although I've seen people getting frustrated, I've never had a very bad experience. In fact, one night we were in there about 20 minutes before they closed. I requested the boysenberry pie but she couldn't find any at first. She went off to search and cut me a piece from a brand new pie, which I thought was nice considering they were about to close (perhaps she got to take the rest of the pie home?)...

I love their coleslaw too - just classic. Nothing fancy.

Miles said...

totally agree! and their potato salad is nothing to sneeze at, either!