January 17, 2007

Newbie Night at Chichen Itza

Mrs. Newbie wanted Mexican.

No, she said, Cuban.

Let's meet in the middle, I offered.

And thanks to reliable blog-LA-sphere foodie Eating LA, we discovered Chichen Itza, 2501 W. 6th St. - across from Wilshire Walk highlight Park Plaza Hotel.

Chichen Itza features Yucatan cuisine that "combines Mexican and Cuban flavors, with lots of meats marinated in orange juice and tropical twists on familiar Mexican dishes."

I had queso relleno, which featured a ball of Baby Edam cheese, carved out, filled with raisins, almonds and ground pork.

We got there about 6:00pm, parked up a steep steep hill, had the joint to ourselves, and had a great waiter/tourguide. We'll be back.

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Arianne said...

If you care to venture across the river to Los Feliz, I have two words for you: Mexico. City.
Good god.
Ari aka http://fluffyllama25.wordpress.com