August 1, 2006

Tehran Gone?

Outside Iran, it's said, Los Angeles has the highest population of Iranians. A book and a movie both cop the title Irangeles. And at some point Los Angeles and Iran's capital Tehran became "sister cities." Wikipedia lists Tehran as one of 22 LA sisters. As does governing body Sister Cities International.

But the annual LA Sister City Festival does not list Tehran. Nor does LA's official city web site.

So where'd our Persian sister go? And why?

Below, an interesting linguistic map from UCLA showing pockets of Farsi speakers (in brown) in and around Beverly Hills.

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LA City Nerd said...

A-ha. When a Sister City is in some "dispute" or "not-so-good-terms" with the US, it has been the practice of this City to "suspend" the Sister City relationship. It's not dissolved, just put on hiatus. I understand the City takes the lead from the State Department.