August 10, 2006

Predator in Northeast LA

I assume this is (or was) a live mouse. And I assume (or hope) these neighbors have a powerful vacuum cleaner. This video is titled Dinner with Kitten Ferocia - High Beastess of Atwater Village. My cats should see it. They could learn something about focus, drive, concentration, basically about how to pay attention to something for longer than nine seconds.


Prehensile Thumb said...

i was wandering about atwater village a few days ago, as i am apt to do, and saw cat sitting outside at nearly every house! are there this many cats in other hoods or are we especially cat friendly?

blogger said...

I don't know how Atwater Village ranks statistically, but anecdotally I can tell you that between our place and our two neighbors we have at least three cats, three caged birds and seven dogs. - AVN

Prehensile Thumb said...

good god man.

i notice it especially down on your side of town, though it's pretty prevalent everywhere.

i've got no complaints, i love the kitties.

blogger said...

Just gotta watch out for those feral kitties. Apparently AV is crawling with them. Hard to tell, too, with all the domestics roaming around without their tags. - AVN