August 24, 2006

New Townhomes in Old Tropico

Two small signs along San Fernando Rd., where Glendale Ave. ends, are likely missed by drivers-by. They announce an urban infill claiming to be the "first mixed-use condominium development" in an area that "virtually abuts" Atwater Village. Kids 95 years ago might have called this the City of Tropico. Today they call it Glendale.

Here's the scoop on the "Vintage" project, from a PDF at Urban Housing Alliance (via

  • 3673-3685 San Fernando Ave., Glendale, CA
  • 70 units with 53 townhomes
  • Budget is $18.7 million
  • Expected completion fall 2007
  • Three- and four-story stucco over wood frame
  • One level subterranean parking
  • 101,000 square feet residential
  • 7,500 square feet retail

No mention of the famous neighbors - Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart - now occupying space across the street at Forest Lawn.

UPDATE: Yes, this property does seem to include - by virtue of chain-link fence - the Coffee Shop Dining Room and the Original Barrio Fiesta of Manila. Both are closed and, presumably, headed for a wrecking ball. Horrible cell-phone photo shows the "Vintage" development sign on right, the Coffee Shop behind it on the left.


sherru said...

Wait a sec, is this where the old diner and filipino restaurant used to be?

blogger said...

Yup. The chain-linked property includes the Coffee Shop Dining Room and the Original Barrio Fiesta of Manila, both closed and, presumably, headed for a wrecking ball. - AVN

sherru said...

That's a shame. That diner (Algemac's?) was a relic - I thought the food was not very good but it was like time travel just sitting in the dining room.

grapie said...

The Coffee Shop is historic and is supposed to be restored and reopened as a restaurant or other business according to the propety owner and the city of Glendale. The Glendale Historic Commission worked out this deal a couple of years ago. Condos or apartments will be built around the structure. Unfortunately, Barrio Fiesta is toast.