August 29, 2006

Atwater Chatter

Atwater Village's Directors of Animal Welfare defend Long Beach rescue shelter: "What has happened to Alexia Kyrklund of Noah's Ark is the result of a huge misunderstanding." [Corrente]

Ever wonder what an Atwater Village water-delivery man looked like the year Jonathan Lipnicki was born? "I thought this was lost forever." [sic]

From Atwater Village in a metallic fleck red Mazda to San Diego for Comic-Con. AKA, "I Am Thirty And This Is My Summer." [Warble Me]

Fonts for pho? Ads for Indochine Vien [jon measures blog]

Perhaps to be nearer its publishing doppleganger on Media Center Drive, No-Fi Magazine has moved to Atwater Village [Myspace]

Famous last words: "I raced home to grab that ... who cares that I didn't have a receipt ... and headed to the Best Buy in Atwater Village." [En Vino, Veritas]

Imagined argument along Glendale Blvd. ... Toys! Education! No, toys! NO, EDUCATION! Wait. Why can't we be all things to all people? [Segray and Squires Educational Toy Store]

Speaking of all things: Organic doggie day care [Wagville]

Rent check! $950, $1,800, $2,300, $2,600

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