August 15, 2006

Nearly Six Flags Over Atwater Village

Theme-park-worthy highlights from A History of Atwater Village to About 1940 by teacher and enthusiast of history Neil Malmberg:

  • 1784 - Spain - As part of Alta California, the rancho that will become Atwater Village falls under Spanish colonial government
  • 1821 - Mexico - Winning independence, Mexico assumes the land
  • 1848 - United States - Mexican-American war puts land under US flag
  • 1850 - California - Admitted to the United States
  • 1910 - Los Angeles - Atwater Village narrowly avoids incorporation into City of Tropico (eventually part of Glendale) and is annexed to LA

Say what? Los Angeles has a flag? Apparently.


Miles said...

that is a sad flag from the entertainment capital of the world. surely, we could do better. no?

sherru said...

CITY OF TROPICO? I like that better than Glendale! We could be tellin' each other:

"Naw man, I got it at the Nordstrom Rack in T-Town"

blogger said...

Seriously. Tropico is the greatest lost city name. Like Atlantis, only decadent.

I say we re-annex some of the northeast hoods like Atwater Village, Glendale and maybe Glassell Park under the mighty banner of the Lost City of Tropico.

Maybe a new Sci-Fi Channel series, too: Stargate Tropico.


sherru said...

New Rule: Anything nearish the Costco is now Little T-Town.

LA City Nerd said...

You're killing me here! You don't know the half of it with "lost city names." My favorite is that Northridge was once Zelzah, and Sun Valley was "Roscoe" and North Hollywood was "Lankershim," Canoga Park was "Owensmouth." and Tarzana was "Runnymede": all streets that exist in the newly named communities. O, list goes on: "Sherman" near Beverly Hills, "Brooklyn Heights" near Santa Monica, "Rampart Heights" near what is now Wilshire Center, and "Pico Heights" in what's now Pico-Union/Byzantine Latino Quarter.

As for the City Flag, it's significant, you know? Don't knock it too hard, Mitch.

Actually, all the flags that have flown over Los Angeles are hanging in the City Council Chambers in City Hall.

blogger said...

I envision a whole new set of neighborhood blogs based on the lost cities. Zelzah Nerd, anyone? - AVN

Zach Behrens said...

Wait. "Sherman" near Beverly Hills? Are you talking Sherman Oaks or something else?